Prince Holden and Princess Kate

HoldenTitleKate and Holden Sketch

Sit back for a story
Of a sister and brother
Who had a great adventure
And one like no other
There were tiaras and monsters
Ballet and Rockets
And an unexpected ending
Some might find a shocker


Princess Kate was the sister
Prince Holden the brother
When Kate was taken
Holden should have told his mother
But instead he packed supplies
(And chose not to tell his father)
And charged off to save Kate
Who was locked in the Black Tower



Still breaking in new sneakers
And ignoring his blisters
The young prince ran quickly
Through prickly plants and thistles

He could see the tower off yonder
But finding himself knee-deep in muck
Decided walking wouldn’t do
What he needed was a monster-truck


With the pedal to the metal
He drove his truck through the mud
Collecting a gajillion gooey things
Across his fiery hood
But as the land became drier
And the incline grew steeper
The truck couldn’t go
And he had to climb up Mount Creeper

Holden charged up the mountain
But soon found it too tiring
His blister was growing
And hurt too much when climbing
He needed something to help him
So he plunged his hand in his pack
And tossed his lame rope aside
As he flung his jet-pack on his back


He flew high over the mountain
But when he finally landed
It was in a clearing of dead grass
And everything smelled far from dandy
Fearing a delay in saving Kate
Holden got ready
Then a giant dragon emerged
Who wasn’t just scary (he was silent and deadly!)


The dragon bent over
And raised its tail in an arc
Holden expected a burst of fire
But the dragon just let out a…fart?!

Oh, it was awful and yucky
It was smelly and gross
And they just kept on coming
They burned his eyes and curled his toes


Some sounded like chair squeaks
Some sounded like trumpets
Prince Holden fell to his knees
He had to escape the dragon’s fartlets
He ducked and he covered
It was useless to fight it
He stopped, dropped and rolled
Dashing away he escaped it


Without looking behind
The smell still stuck in his hair
He burst through the tower door
And began up the stairs


But his blister was screaming
And the stairs were too many
So a rocket was required
To finish up saving Katie


Holden landed with a crash
Kate must be in that room
But the blue witch appeared
Riding her magical flying broom
Holden stood strong for a fight
But to his astonishing dismay
The witch just said she’s already left
I guess I was no match for Kate

The witch had a note that read
“Holden, I was too bored to wait
What took you so long?
See you at home,” love Kate
Holden went to the window
To see how far was the distance
Back home to the castle
A hang-glider was needed


Gliding back to the castle
The prince was a little distressed
At not saving the day
And his big sister, the princess
But at home all were waiting
And Kate smiled and hugged him
And said, “Sorry there was nothing for you to do
But thank you for trying

A pooped Holden stood looking
Off towards the Black Tower
Having now filled his belly
And washed and scrubbed in the shower
He was glad Kate was safe
But thought what a bunch of balonga
But at least he’s made friends with his blister
Who he’s now named Tony


Written by Chad Gendron 2011, Illustrations by Matt Ward, Character Sketch by Chadwick Gendron

One thought on “Prince Holden and Princess Kate

  1. I LOVE the stories, I really do,
    Your ideas are so bright and refreshing and new,
    Wouldst I be a publisher of children’s fiction
    No need of an editor to oversee diction
    I’ll publish your tomes, I’d see they were read,
    By parents and children before going to bed.

    The Kate that I know can be quite resolute
    She’d not be deterred by such musical fruit
    (I mean beans, beans, by the line aforementioned
    No need for that look or thoughts of detention)
    Creativity springs from each generation
    And poems provide all with such joyous sensation

    Keep me posted!
    Martin Franklin

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